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Song of the Day: “How’s That”

FKA_how's_that_largeEP2 might be the only new pop record I’ve given a damn about all year. Released on Young Turks, it is FKA Twigs’s second 12″ and her first collaboration with Yeezus producer Arca. Her debut record, titled EP, was quietly self-released and sold out very quickly, thanks both to word of mouth and four very strong videos posted to Youtube. Digital copies, once available from Bandcamp, have now vanished, hopefully because a physical re-release is imminent. EP2 can currently be downloaded from places like Boomkat, but physical copies are becoming rarer and rarer.

As with EP, FKA Twigs has worked with a team of directors to produce videos for each of EP2‘s four songs, all of which feel as integral to the music as the music itself does. I’ve posted Jesse Kanda’s body-distorting video for “How’s That” below. From there It should be easy to find links to the rest of her videos, including those produced for her first EP (don’t miss “Ache,” it’s awesome).

Also worth checking out is Emilie Friedlander’s feature over at The Fader. Friedlander briefly analyzes Twigs’s treatment of sexuality in her videos and uses it as a foil for the argument between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor. She rightly emphasizes the ambiguity in Twigs’s work, which I think is big reason her music is so great, and makes a strong case for a middle ground between the two superstar extremes.

Check out all of Twigs’s videos (just be aware that “Hide” contains nudity), get a feel for them, and then read that article. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen written about her. I’d only add that it’s worth paying attention to how she handles movement in her videos, and how that parallels the way she manipulates her lyrics and vocals, especially on “How’s That.”