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Stockhausen Analyzes “Mantra”

stockhausen_banner_mantraIn 1972 and ’73, Karlheinz Stockhausen delivered seven lectures at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and at various schools in England, all of them devoted to his compositions or to “live electronic music and intuitive music.”  His analysis of Mantra, posted below, was filmed by Allied Artists at the Imperial College in London on 19 July 1973.

He explains his work very slowly and deliberately, using several visual and musical aids, including an impressive diagram of the piece’s overall structure. That attention to detail makes the lecture easy to follow, but tedious in places.

It’s a great document for anyone with some patience and an interest in modern composition. It might even help a curious, but stumped novice find a way into the music.

The first two videos comprise the entire lecture. The third video includes a question and answer session given afterward: