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Jandek Interviewed in The Wire


The next issue of The Wire (February 2014) will feature a ten page interview with Jandek, conducted by David Keenan. Photographs by Alec Soth. Here’s what The Wire says about it:

Hang on to your hats, folks: the cover story in the forthcoming February issue ofThe Wire features the underground music scoop of the century – the first ever face to face interview with the most enigmatic and elusive, not to mention one of the most inspirational and uncompromising, musicians of the times, the legendary Jandek. The interview was conducted over three days in December in Minneapolis by David Keenan and is now spread across ten pages of the February issue, along with photographer Alec Soth’s brilliantly evocative portraits of the mythical representative of Corwood Industries. And what he revels about the philosophies and experiences that have shaped his unique music over the last 40 years will blow the minds of the initiated and transfix the imaginations of neophytes.

The line about it being the first face to face interview isn’t exactly true, or at least we can’t be sure that it is. Katy Vine did talk with someone from Corwood Industries back in 1999, presumably the man himself. But a lot has changed since then and I’m excited to see what he has to say now that he’s toured so much and become somewhat less reclusive. The issue should be available before the end of the month. Be sure to check your favorite record stores for a copy then.

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The Monthly List: October’s Top 11

Coltrane and Ali playing together

photo of John Coltrane and Rashied Ali by Omar Kharem

I put the monthly list together approximately every four weeks to review the records I’ve enjoyed most in that time. I hear at least 50 or 60 new records (EPs and singles included) every month thanks to my job, but this list isn’t restricted to new music. It’s just a way for me to keep track of what I like and listen to the most, new and old. Albums may repeat themselves from month to month and links are provided for anyone interested in checking the music out themselves (check out the “Get Music” links at the bottom of this page too). This month there are 11 records on the list, eight of them new and three of them from last month. Of the eight new titles, three of them are eMego titles. I have a bunch of new Erstwhile and Gravity Wave cued up for listening too, but haven’t gotten around to all of them yet. That’s what I’ve been listening to the most since November started. Formats listed are the ones I own. Releases may be available in other formats.

October’s 11, in no particular order: