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Friendly Advice from Ray Bradbury

ray_bradbury_typewriterBelow you’ll find “Ray Bradbury: Story of a Writer,” a short documentary made in 1963 by David L. Wolper. In it, Bradbury gives advice to fledgling writers, reflects on the dangers of new technology, and stresses the importance of the subconscious mind for his thinking.

I pulled this from a post over at Dangerous Minds, which you can find here. Their article summarizes some of Bradbury’s broader points, but it skips much of his practical advice, which is fantastic. Bradbury talks candidly about his early experiences as a writer, the need for an agent, his love of painting, the role his wife played in editing and assessing his work, rejection, and even his fear of the dark.

Cut throughout the interview material are excerpts from his short story “Dial Double Zero,” which only ever appeared as part of this documentary and remains unpublished.

Essential viewing for Bradbury fans, or anyone who has ever had the urge to write.