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The Monthly List: January’s Top 13

blizzard_slippery_walkThirteen records stood out for me last month. Only one is from January 2013 (Dilloway/Drumm). Reviews of the Hearing Metal discs and Nate Wooley’s The Almond are forthcoming. Along with the Pran Nath album on Just Dreams and I Drink Your Skin, those were the albums I listened to the most. I’m still sorting through the Wandelweiser set too, which is amazing but hard to sum up. Make sure to check out the reviews posted for that title. Lots of great information there.

As always, formats posted are the ones I own. Others may be available. If you like any of the samples I link to, please buy the album. You can find numerous retailers carrying these titles at the bottom of this page.


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Review: Aaron Dilloway/Kevin Drumm, “I Drink Your Skin”

After 12 years and two very small cassette editions on American Tapes and Hanson Records, Dilloway and Drumm’s I Drink Your Skin is available on CD. Dressed up in cheesy horror movie duds and packed tight with overblown noise, Aaron and Kevin each dish out a 25 minute ribbon of goofy loops, obnoxious high-end squeals, and blathering garbage sounds. It is gruff, but invigorating stuff—and more carefully put together than it at first appears. Continue reading