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The Monthly List: 2013 in Review, Part Two

darkling_streamsPart two of the year in review. This one is a simple list of records I enjoyed throughout the year. That they weren’t included in part one doesn’t mean much: if I spent my time trying to write a summary for everything I liked last year, I’d be here until 2015. So this is as simple as it gets. Both Robbie Basho and Helm are on this list, and they easily got as much play as anything featured in part one.

The order is (almost) totally random. All records were released (or reissued) in 2013. Quite a few albums were technically released in 2013, but didn’t make it to my stereo until 2014. Even if I think they’re brilliant, they aren’t being included here. They’ll show up in the next monthly list and will probably be counted as a 2014 release because that’s how I want to roll.

You can find most everything for sale at one of the record stores/online shops/distributors listed at the bottom of this page (under GET MUSIC):

  • Robert Haigh, Darkling Streams (Primary Numbers)
  • Robbie Basho, Visions of the Country (Gnome Life)
  • Iannis Xenakis, GRM Works 1957-1962 (Recollection GRM)
  • Bernard Parmegiani, De Natura Sonorum (Recollection GRM)
  • Miles, Unsecured (Modern Love)
  • The Stranger, Watching Dead Empires in Decay (Modern Love)
  • Anonymous, Inside the Shadow (Machu Picchu)
  • Twink, Think Pink (Sunbeam Records)
  • Joe Panzner/Greg Stuart, Dystionia Duos (Erstwhile AEU)
  • Antoine Beuger/Michael Pisaro, This Place/Is Love (Erstwhile)
  • Jakob Ullmann, Fremde Zeit – Addendum (Edition RZ)
  • No Right Turn, No Right Turn (Em Records)
  • Body/Head, Body/Head (Open Mouth)
  • Body/Head, Coming Apart (Matador)
  • André Isoir/J.S. Bach, L’Orgue Concertant: Sinfonias, Sonates & Concertos (La Dolce Volta)
  • Bellows, Reelin’ (Holidays Records)
  • Aaron Dilloway, Modern Jester (Hanson Records)
  • Aaron Dilloway/Kevin Drumm, I Drink Your Skin (Hanson Records)
  • John Coltrane, Sun Ship – The Complete Session (Impulse!)
  • Songs: Ohia, Hecla & Griper (Secretly Canadian)
  • Richard Youngs, Summer Through My Mind (Ba Da Bing!)
  • COH, Retro-2038 (Editions Mego)
  • Helm, Silencer (PAN)
  • Kevin Drumm, Humid Weather (Self-Released)
  • Various Artists, Weary Engine Blues: A Tribute to Jason Molina (Graveface)
  • Bruce Gilbert and BAW, Diluvial (Touch)
  • Various Artists, Spiritual Jazz Volume IV: Americans in Europe (Jazzman)