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Listen: Miles, “Faint Hearted”

image via Fact Mag

image via Fact Mag

Faint Hearted, the Modern Love debut from Miles Whittaker, has been posted to Soundcloud in its entirety for absolutely free. As far as I know, Faint Hearted is sold out almost everywhere, at least in its 2LP form. Digital copies can still be purchased via Boomkat. But check out the free preview for now. I suspect more copies will be pressed.

Whittaker—aka DJ Miles, Suum Cuique, Pendle Coven, one half of Demdike Stare, et al.—has a new EP out too, also on Modern Love. Called Unsecured, it’s disappearing from shelves just as quickly as the full-length did. In the US, copies may still be available via Forced Exposure, otherwise you’ll have to search online or visit your favorite local record shop to find it, something you should probably do more often anyway.

I think the EP is amazing—even better than the full-length album, which is winning praise far and wide. This year Miles is one of the only techno-producing musicians completely winning me over. Listening now, Faint Hearted sounds better than I remember.

Check him out.