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Review: Nagual, “Nagual” (Ergot Records)

The Avatamsaka Sutra—one of the best known of the Mahayana Buddhist sutras—teaches that the firm line between the ego and the rest of the world is an illusion. Likewise, every rock, river, hill, animal and person, held as distinct in the peanut shell of the mind, interpenetrates and reaches out into the universe. Their separateness is only an appearance. In reality, people and places—as well as ideas—intertwine and dance with one another in a shimmering mesh of light sometimes called Indra’s Net.

Now hold that thought and extend it to the apparent gulf separating, for instance, Hindustani classical music from rock-‘n’-roll, particularly the German kind of rock n’ roll produced by bands like Amon Düül or Popul Vuh in the 1960s and ‘70s. That’s the region of Indra’s Net in which Nagual play on their debut for the Chicago-based Ergot Records.

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