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Song of the Night: “Almost Was Good Enough” Live

songsohia_black_lrgWith the 10th anniversary edition of Magnolia Electric Co. due out soon, I thought I’d share one of my favorite performances of one of my favorite songs on the album. The below version of “Almost Was Good Enough” was recorded on 15 October 2003, at Planta Baja in Granada Spain. It’s about six minutes longer than the original, opens up with an extended guitar solo, and has a trumpet solo in the middle that I absolutely love. The band sounds incredible and the recording quality is good and balanced.

Anyone with info about who was in the band for this tour, please leave a comment. I’m willing to bet that’s Mike Brenner on the slide guitar, and I think maybe Jason Groth is playing lead guitar, but I can’t remember if he was in the band by 2003 or not.

I took the recording from a bootleg uploaded to the Magnolia collection, which has the blessings of both the band and Secretly Canadian.

You can download the entire set here.