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New Music from Jason Molina

Autumn Bird Songs cover Jason Molina hasn’t put out any new music since 2009, when both Josephine and Molina & Johnson were released. In 2011, after cancelling a European and American tour, the Magnolia Electric Co. website posted information that Jason was going through rehab. Other than news about a forthcoming 10″ record, there was no further news until May of this year, when Jason posted an update to the same site.

Then, in September, further news about that 10″ finally came out.

Happily, Jason Molina’s first new music since 2009 is now available via Graveface Records, as part of a new book titled From Black Sheep Boys To Bill Collectors- The music-related artwork of William Schaff. The eight-song EP is called Autumn Bird Songs and is available for cheap as an MP3 download with a PDF copy of the 82-page book, or as a 10″ with a physical copy of the book. The introduction is written by John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats.

Graveface has posted two samples to their Soundcloud page. It’s good to have Molina back: