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The Ferguson Grand Jury Was a Sham (Michael Brown, Pt. 5)

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Below is an extension of the “Today’s Reads” posts I’ve been putting up over the last couple of weeks. The two posts here concern the Michael Brown Grand Jury and the presentation of a fake/unreliable witness that prosecutor Robert McCulloch must have known was lying. I feel that, among everything I’ve read, these stories deserve extra attention. This is just one of the many problems that reporters have discovered after combing through the Ferguson Grand Jury documents. You can read about others, including how Darren Wilson was allowed to destroy evidence and how the prosecution misled the jury concerning Missouri state law, by looking through the other “Today’s Reads” posts.

  • Ferguson Prosecutor Busted Presenting Fake Witness Before Grand Jury (VIDEO) (Addicting Info)
    So, you are Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. You have a grand jury investigation with the entire world watching. One of your witnesses in support of the officer is revealed by the FBI to have made up her entire account. What do you do?Apparently you present a discredited witness to the grand jury anyways. He played the FBI interview, which revealed that Witness 40’s car was not at the location, that 40 could not have exited in the manner described, that 40 did not even tell anyone her story until over two weeks after the shooting. They tore her apart, showing that she changed her story several times while sitting on the stand. For example, in her interview, 40 claimed to have made no contact to the police for two weeks, then later claimed that she did contact them several times before agreeing to be a witness. And that is not the only occasion they caught her changing her story, with other times her lack of knowledge of the crime scene, how her journal and testimony did not match, how the exit for the complex did not exist where she claimed all being revealed. That interview, found on pages 86-184 of Grand Jury Testimony Volume 15, completely discredits her as a witness.

    Then, fully knowing this, Bob McCulloch brought her before the grand jury, and entered her hand written journals filled with racist language into the record. And this testimony, by a discredited witness, is the one cited by right-wing media outlets in their attempts to support former Ferguson officer Darren Wilson. Claims of Michael Brown charging like a bull? Her account, and only her account. (More after the link)

  • Please read Witness #40’s FBI interview and grand-jury testimony. Just read it. (Daily Kos)
    To understand just how discredited is Witness #40, you need to read at least part of her interview and testimony.The night of the first Ferguson riots, Witness #40 was posting racist rants online, including [brace yourself, for real]: “They need to kill the fucking niggers. It is like an ape fest.”

    She formed an organization to raise money for Darren Wilson and to get schools to send him Christmas cards. For real.

    She’s the person who allegedly came home and wrote down the events of August 9 — but she didn’t reveal this fact until months later, at the very, very, very end of her testimony to the grand jury, long after she’d been contacting county officials, been interviewed by the FBI and DA, and testified to the grand-jury, and the split-second before that jury adjourned for the day, only then does she mention the ‘journal’ entry.

    The only person she told was her ex-husband, but he has mental issues so he allegedly doesn’t remember it. How convenient.

    She emailed her ‘friend’ in Ferguson, which would at least prove she her story that she was coming to visit, but she deleted that email. How convenient.

    The FBI cannot find any video of her or her car being where she said it was, including in a Ferguson gas station near the crime scene, which — she testified — she both walked in and drove through. She lied about how she exited the parking lot (because the FBI checked and that exit has long been blocked, although the roadblock doesn’t show up on the Mapquest page she used).

    She ‘refreshed’ her memory by reading right-wing websites about the shooting.

    She was convicted of check fraud c.2007. She apparently had a traumatic brain injury from a head-on collision some time ago. She seems to have some other mental challenges herself, since age 15. (More after the link)


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