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Russell Haswell Interviewed at The Quietus

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russell_haswell_lecturesRussell Cuzner published an excellent interview with Russell Haswell at The Quietus Thursday last week. I recommend everyone check it out.

An excerpt:

Recently I had a couple tell me that their six year old kid had ADHD, and that his attention span was five minutes with anything and he’s quite aggressive and disruptive – whether they give him the iPad or a new toy or whatever, he might be interested in it for a couple of minutes and then he’d just throw it at the wall, that’s it, it’s smashed. They said ‘We want you to come round to the house to meet our kid’, and I said ‘You’ve got to get him a synthesiser, it’s gonna melt his head’. I ended up going round to these people’s house and I gave him my phone which has a Xenakis-type software, based on his computer program called Gendyn, that also became one of my favourite Xenakis pieces. This kid totally got into it; he played it for about 40 minutes until the battery ran out. And the mother cried, because she’d never seen her difficult child spend more than five minutes with anything. Anyway, I liked that those things happened – I’m happy to help!

Samples of Haswell’s latest record, 37 Minute Workout, are available at Bleep.


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