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Recommended: Bruce Gilbert and BAW, “Diluvial”

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BAW_live_imageFormer Wire member Bruce Gilbert has paired up with Beaconsfield ArtWorks (David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin) for a new album titled Diluvial, due out September 3rd on Touch Music. From the press release:

This work was initiated on the Suffolk coast for Faster Than Sound, Aldeburgh 2011 and then developed for a show at Beaconsfield, London later that year. Taking rising sea levels as its theme, Diluvial imagines the world before, during, and after the next great flood, referring to an ancient, ex nihilo interpretation of global warming. Field recordings from beaches in Suffolk and London, conceptual scoring, visual installation, and sonic performance fueled Diluvial’s evolving soundscape, alluding to the mythical seven days of creation. Diluvial was a compositional collaboration in three iterations between Bruce Gilbert and BAW (David Crawforth and Naomi Siderfin). Synthesized sound generated by Gilbert and Crawforth in response to Siderfin’s score and iPhone field research, was assembled over seven weeks into an electroacoustic composition…

Sequencing and mastering come courtesy of Russell Haswell.

The conceptual scoring referred to in the press release stands out, both in the way the songs are built and in the way the album proceeds from the first song to the last. Gilbert and BAW start the record in abstract darkness, then swim into friendlier waters before moving from sea to land, where they capture the warmth of sunlight on the surface and recreate a coastal landscape with electroacoustic noises, synthesizer melodies, and a teeming background of tiny sounds.

The influence of INA-GRM style composition can be felt on most Diluvial’s seven tracks, but the dark colors, somber tone, and rhythmic devices that Gilbert, Crawforth, and Siderfin work with also remind me of Tod Dockstader’s Aerial series and Mark Nelson’s work as Pan•American. It’s a diverse record, and not easy to pin down. Part ambient, part noise, part something else that I can’t identify. Highly recommended.

There aren’t any samples up anywhere yet, but there is a short video on Vimeo from one of the Diluvial installations, which I’ve posted below. Copies will be available through the usual suspects in the coming weeks, some of which you can find in the links at the bottom of this page.


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