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Jason Molina’s Spineriders Get Reissued

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Unexpected news from Magnolia Electric land: Jason Molina’s highschool punk/metal band, for which he played the bass, will get a cassette reissue of their one and only 1991 album, Hello Future Tinglies. Misra Records is handling the production along with founding member Todd Jacops. All proceeds go directly to the Musicians Emergency Medical Association.

Misra has posted a great page dedicated to the project, with tons of information about the release, including press clippings, photographs, posters, and even a battle of the bands score card. They’re only making 300 copies, each with a download card. Forty Molina screen-printed posters have been drawn up for the occasion as well. If you want to skip straight to the part where you buy a copy, follow this link.

But I recommend visiting that Misra page. Reilly Lambert, a friend of the band, has written an awesome bio that explains how the group got studio time to record their demo and how Jason and Todd eventually went on to record Songs: Ohia material. There’s also a few more amazing photos like the one above. You can read it while listening to the album below:

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