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Song of the Night: Horror Inc., “The Absent”

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Banjo meets techno on “The Absent,” from Horror Inc.’s new album, Briefly Eternal. You can read a brand new interview with the very properly dressed Mr. Horror, aka Marc Leclair, over at Resident Advisor. Here’s one tantalizing exchange to help whet your appetite:

You’ve mentioned in the past that hearing Philip Glass and Steve Reich was a turning point in your life. It seems like at least one lesson that you learned from Reich, in particular, is that everything can be used to create music. Sound is, in its essence, just information. Is that accurate?

It is very accurate. How you obtain results is one thing. To me, the result matters most. Reich and Glass were in a way my companions when I was a young teenager. They were in my Walkman following me everywhere. I found their music soothing. They were composing with full ensembles and yet their music sounded like one big warm pulse. Like all elements of nature unchained. When my daughter was a baby and even a young kid, I used to play Music for 18 Musicians to her every night when she was falling asleep. It’s so meditative. I also saw Glass in Montreal when I was 16, and it blew my mind. Such discipline in these gentlemen’s music, and at the same time you just feel like letting go.


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