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Stephen O’Malley Video Interview

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omalley_rehbergRed Bull Music Academy has posted a nearly two hour video interview/”lecture” with Stephen O’Malley to Vimeo.

The interview features a snippet from O’Malley’s forthcoming collaboration with Mika Vainio as well as a film clip from This Is How You Will Disappear, the Gisèle Vienne play for which KTL provided the music. Toward the end of the interview he answers questions about why he writes music and how he reacted to the racism and far right political idealism in black metal as a young writer. John Cage comes up a fair bit too.

He also discusses touring as SunnO))), technical specs for lots of different equipment, the success of Black One, working with IRCAM, discovering Pandit Pran Nath, listening to and performing with Keiji Haino, designing album covers for Recollection GRM, and a lot more.

If all you’ve heard is SunnO))) or one of Stephen’s other metal-like projects, definitely watch this video, and check out his collaboration with Steve Noble—it was one of my favorite records from last year.

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