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My Message to Arkansas State Rep. Nate Bell

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In case you missed it, Arkansas State Representative Nate Bell had some kind words for Boston today…

nate-bell-tweetThe post has since been deleted, and Bell has posted a brief apology, which rings hollow anyway. Technically he only apologized for his “poor timing,” not for the idiocy of the comment itself.

In light of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s recent apprehension by Boston police, I’d like to offer up my response:

None of us needed an AR-15. None of us needed a high-capacity magazine. None of us cowered.

It is my sincere hope that your resignation comes swiftly. Or, better, perhaps this lesson will teach you the value of intelligent gun control laws. Perhaps you will go to Washington with a changed heart and a new perspective. Maybe you’ll actually learn from your mistakes. Sean Collier, the young MIT officer killed in the line of duty today, was allegedly shot by two gun wielding civilians after all.

Congratulations and much praise for the Boston PD, who managed to bring Dzhokhar in without further loss of life. Boston has a wonderful opportunity to prove what an incredible city it is now, by showing respect for a fair trial, restraint, and mercy.

Here’s hoping.


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