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Song of the Night: Autechre, “Cavity Job”

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Autechre’s 11th album, Exai, is due out March 5th in the United States. It comes either as a double CD or a quadruple LP set, but is currently available digitally through Autechre’s official site. To my ears, it’s the best thing they’ve done since LP5 or Confield. And that got me to going through the EP box set they released last year on Warp. The “Cavity Job” 12″ has long been out of print, but you can find it in that box set, along with the amazing Anti-, Garbage, and Anvil Vapre EPs. Now if only they’d collect all the great, out-of-print 12″ singles that have been released over the years, like We R Are Why. Are Y Are We?, Keynell, and SpltRmx. A remix comp wouldn’t hurt either.


Author: Laughter

I like music and philosophy. And baseball.

One thought on “Song of the Night: Autechre, “Cavity Job”

  1. throw in the japanese bonus tracks as well =]

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