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Michael Pisaro Live at Complice Gallery


GW009 art

A live performance of Michael Pisaro’s “hinwandeln (zwischen himmel und erd)” and “Transparent City (2)” has been posted on his Gravity Wave label page. I’ve posted the Soundcloud link below as well. From Michael’s description:

… performed in alternation and without breaks by Johnny Chang, violin, Koen Nutters, contrabass, Gary Schultz, sine tones and myself, classical guitar. hinwandelnis a trio – and for each of the four times it appears, we rotated amongst the musicians (i.e., a different group of three players each time). Transparent City (2) is a set of instructions for how to play live instruments with a playback of recordings from the Transparent City discs (Edition Wandelweiser).

Two new Gravity Wave discs—”The Middle of Life (Die ganze Zeit)” and “The Punishment of the Tribe by its Elders”—are scheduled for release in January 2013 and will be available via ErstDist.

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