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A Country Doctor: The Animated Version

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still_from_a_country_doctor Via Open Culture: an amazing animated version of Franz Kafka’s “A Country Doctor” directed by Koji Yamamura. Available on the DVD Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor and other Fantastic Films. Of Yamamura, Wikipedia says:

Yamamura was born in Nagoya and studied painting at Tokyo Zokei University. His 2002 movie Mt. Head (Atama Yama) won the short film award for the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, the Grand Prize at the 2004 Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films and was nominated for the Academy Award for Animated Short Film. Yamamura won the 2007 Ottawa Grand Prix with his animated adaptation of Franz Kafka’s “A Country Doctor.” Both of the films were included in the Animation Show of Shows.

Definitely worth 20 minutes of your time. The music and sound are excellent, and the animation is every bit as surreal as the story.


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I like music and philosophy. And baseball.

One thought on “A Country Doctor: The Animated Version

  1. Creepy yet fantiastic. As Kafka himself. Read only Metamorphosis and found it great.

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