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Westerly Windina

Bonnie Billy and Matt Sweeney Score “Westerly”

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Westerly Banner

Westerly: A Man, A Woman, An Enigma is the story of surfing superstar Peter Drouyn’s decision to undergo gender-reassignment surgery. The project is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter and, as of this writing, has just two weeks to make $44,000.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy and Matt Sweeney, responsible for 2005’s Superwolf, are writing the music for the movie, so theoretically a contribution to the film is a contribution to a new Billy/Sweeney full-length. The Kickstarter page doesn’t mention Superwolf, so who knows how the score will sound, but that album is one of my favorite Will Oldham-related projects and I’d love to hear what they’d do with this movie.

Click the link above to read more about the movie and to see what the crew will do with your money should you donate. Click the video below to listen to “Blood Embrace” from Superwolf.


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