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Eliane Radigue at her synthesizer

Eliane Radigue Interviewed at Electronic Beats

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There’s an excellent new Eliane Radigue interview up at Electronic Beats. She talks in depth about her creative process, growing up in Paris, her dislike of twelve tone music, and working with Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer. She even responds to a Youtube comment that compares her music to the sound of a refrigerator. Recommended reading.

When I was preparing for the interview I listened to a lot of pieces of yours that are accessible through YouTube. It’s funny to read what people write as commentaries because, of course, this being the Internet everyone can comment on anything. Here’s an example: “Sounds like my old refrigerator but it helps me sleep and contemplate about life.”

[laughs] That’s nice. I have a comment on the comment: There is a way of listening to every sound and making music out of it. The motor of an aeroplane, not from now because they’re too strong, but from years ago, had a very interesting sound that you could really make a symphony out of just by how you listened to it…

Adventurous listeners unfamiliar with her work can also check out the below mini-documentary produced by the Austrian Institute for Media Archaeology. It has great footage of her at her ARP synthesizer talking about how she works with and thinks about music.


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